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Eventory makes events of any shape and size richer for attendees & organizers with easy-to-use apps and powerful event dashboards.

Eventory by 6Connex

Say Hello to a Complete Solution for Managing In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Events

Driven by our desire to offer our customers an expanded range of services for virtual and hybrid events, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired a stellar event management platform, Eventory.

Eventory’s top-of-the-line event management product, coupled with 6Connex’s market-leading virtual environment, creates a compelling event technology solution that best positions 6Connex to meet future demands. 

All the Things You Need, Housed Under one Powerful Event Solution

With Eventory, 6Connex users can create a beautiful, mobile-optimized website to host event information in a matter of minutes, without the need for IT support. Get attendees excited about upcoming immersive virtual events, webinars, in-person, and hybrid events when leveraging an all-in-one solution.

Get Access to An Intuitive Ticketing and Registration System

Fully-integrated? Check. Fast and easy? Check. Ticketing and registration have met their maker. With Eventory, 6Connex users can manage tickets, orders, discounts, and check-ins in one dashboard.

Eventory's mobile apps help attendees, organizers, and event staff alike in making an event go smoothly.

Easy to Use Mobile Apps


Attend events from anywhere, at any time with Eventory Mobile.


Leave your laptop behind and stay ready for anything during the live event with Eventory Operator.


Collect leads and track real-time data with Eventory Scanner.


Manage onsite event check-in seamlessly by scanning an attendee’s ticket, QR code, or even an attendee’s name with Eventory Check-in.

Rest Assured Your Events Are Secure

When it comes to enterprise-level security, know that the most prominent organizations in the world trust 6Connex. Regarding technology and integrations within the 6Connex platform, security is non-negotiable. Eventory conducts a rigorous security audit so event managers and end-users can have peace of mind. Security is a priority from the early event production stages and beyond.

Eventory by 6Connex secures your event experience

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Word on the Street: Eventory is Amazing, Easy, and Seamless

"Friendly, easy-to-use tool that helps me in my job directly. I use it to run surveys, boost networking before and at the event, help our attendees to reach their event goals, and what is more - Eventory creates great, readable, and useful marketing reports."
Sylwia W.
Head of Communications
"Eventory is distinguished by comprehensive support compared to similar event platforms."
Greta W
"It is intuitive, easily accessible and allows you to interact with other participants in the event. I definitely recommend this solution to other companies that want to organize events. Eventory is a must-have."
Michał M.
Head of Research and Development

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